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A skateboarding dog? Easy. Teaching her the “Share” command was the tough part. #ShareaCoke

An Old Man with a Beard, 1630

Kenya Jones fills a bucket with water at a vacant house in her east side Detroit neighborhood. Jones has been without water at home for a month because her landlord has not paid the bill. Read about Jones, along with several fellow Detroit residents caught up in a water controversy, in National Geographic’s online story: In Detroit, Water Crisis Symbolizes Decline, and Hope.

Since March, over 19,000 residents of Detroit have had their water service interrupted, a policy that has generated anger and protests throughout the struggling city as well as international criticism and a warning from a United Nations group that shut-offs could constitute a violation of the human right to access water. Detroit’s economic decline forced the city to file for bankruptcy in July of 2013, the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.

Over 40 percent of Detroit’s residents live in poverty, making payments for services as basic as water a strain on limited finances. Those on fixed incomes are forced to chose between medications, food, and now water. (Update) I spoke to Kenya Jones early this week and now the water has been shut off at the vacant home she was using to supply her family with water. Thankfully, a neighbor is letting Kenya fill jugs and buckets at her house.  Kenya is still working with volunteers from the Detroit Water Brigade to try and find a solution to get her water turned back on. 
Photo by Danny Wilcox Frazier @dannywilcoxfrazier on assignment for @natgeo. by natgeo




The Hulk ain’t never lied.

I can’t even express how much respect I have for Mark Ruffalo.  The dude’s on the US terrorism watchlist for fuck’s sake.

Omg, it’s true

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This photo has really grown on me and I think it’s one of my favourites now.




Dr Bhagavan Antle of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S), photographs 4 varieties of Bengal tigers


it’s like a printer running out of ink

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